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Workshop: Basic Course in Clinical Hypnosis in Kolkata

24th Jan to 26th Jan 2014 (Prior registration required)

Venue: To be announced

Course Fee: 8,000/- ( Inclusive of Lunch / tea / course materials)

Certification: "Master Hypnotist" by California Hypnosis Institute of India (the only ISO certified hypnotherapy Institute in India)

The Course is designed to explain the working of the mind, the interplay of the conscious and subconscious mind, the way humans receive information, the phenomenon of hypnosis, how to Induce the hypnotic state in others as well as self, how to deepen it and how to use therapeutic Suggestions in the treatment of simple conditions.

Who is this course meant for
For all those who are seeking answers for `why me' or `why not me' regards what is happening or not happening in your life with respect to your health, relations, Circumstances etc. This is best opportunity to tap the powers of your subconscious mind.
For those who want to understand & access the power of their minds.....
Freshers aspiring to be Therapists
HR Professionals
Medical Professionals
Psychology Students.....

What can this course do for you
Improving Performance, Healthy Living, Confidence, Self-esteem, Improved Relationships, Concentration, Recall, Creativity, Memory Enhancement, Self-discovery, Stress reduction, Effective communication, Framing Affirmations, Motivating self and others, Healthier self-expression and more...

For further details contact Neerja Poddar 9830129292

Options For Registration
1) Pay Cash/Cheque at 8/4 A , Alipore Park Road, Kolkata 700027
2) Online Transfer (followed up by SMS to inform) To:
Neerja Poddar, HDFC Bank, New Alipore Branch
Savings Account No. 00401000159463
IFSC Code HDFC0000040

About The facilitator
Neerja Poddar, (CHt), is a Faculty Member of California Hypnosis Institute of India. She is also a Member of International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association. She is a practicing Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist, Metaphor and Family Constellation Therapist, Emotional Empowerment Technique Therapist & Counsellor and also teaches Hypnotherapy & conducts various other self empowering workshops. Neerja is a also a Reiki Master and has been teaching Reiki for many years.

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