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A workshop to help you start helping yourself and to get to a position of achieving a sense of freedom and flow in how you live your life.

This is a workshop that will help you get an understanding about the co-relation between our various bodies and in understanding the power of the Mind. Through a scientific explanation of the Mind, understand how it governs all that we do and how we feel. With this awareness we can begin the process of helping ourselves through our sub-conscious mind.

It also gives you an understanding of the different types of Personalities. Why different people behave in different ways and how we can change the way we communicate so that it becomes effective communication. How thoughts and actions are related, created and become habits and how new systems of thoughts introduced via affirmations work. How to formulate correct and effective affirmations.

Get an understanding of how different emotions are stored in different parts of our body.

Learn a self help technique which will help you gain Emotional independence and learn to zone in to, and alter thoughts that are sapping you of your energy. A fantastic system to get you from STUCK to FLOW.

Start your journey toward choosing to walk a ‘different’ walk, a walk that helps you get into a smooth flow in life.

Learn various techniques that you can use to

ground yourself to be energized on a daily basis
to plant positive affirmations at the sub–conscious level (where the conscious mind does not have the power to reject them)
become aware of your core issue (as awareness creates movement)
become aware of the various perceptions in your issues regarding your relationships (as awareness creates understanding)
and finally, as we cannot let go, we cannot forgive. As we cannot forgive, we give control to something / someone outside ourselves. Learn this easy technique of letting go, to be free


Healing Modalities






A part of my vertebra was broken, as such I was suggested by the doctors to take traction and bed rest and to undergo an MRI. In the mean time, as I was doing Grounding Meditation, so I for an experiment to know the truth of this kind of alternative healing technique, I avoided taking traction and the medicine prescribed by the doctors.

After 3 weeks I went for an MRI and the result was amazing and shows no broken bone in my vertebra...

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