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From: Debdatta Chakraborty

Madam, With highest respect I am sending this mail to you. My wife Tania has been a patient of what has been previously detected to be severe bipolar disorder. But later her Doctors detected that to be a case of Paranoid Schizophrenia. When I sought for your help, she was schizophrenic, and under heavy dosage of tranquilizers, almost unaware of her surroundings.

When I came to know of your process of treatment, I had no idea of your way and also I must admit that I did have doubt of its efficacy. But now, as she is under your treatment for more than a year, she is almost back to normalcy in all respects and being her husband I must admit that only medicines would never have done such a magic cure for her within such a short time. Your process of treatment had brought her composure back, and one again she is back to her own lively self that she formerly was. Any words of appreciation regarding your process of treatment is insufficient to express my gratitude. I only wish that for all those who are affected with such disorder, they can have their life back to normalcy if they avail this treatment. 

With best regards,
Debdatta Chakraborty

From: Juhee Jain

My name is Juhee Jain. I am a greeting card designer based out of Kolkata. Yes, i have a career, i am single, have a loving family and friends. One would ask why then would i go to a therapist?

I am also a CLINICAL MANIC DEPRESSIVE PSYCHOTIC. I have been under the guidance of a psychaitrist for the past 21 YEARS now.Like most clinically challenged individuals, i've had my share of maniac triggers wherein i would think the world is a beautiful place, everything is perfect. And when i would go towards depression then the world would seem the bleakest place, my life would be very difficult. Even taking a bath would be a task! The mood swings reign in my daily life. With medication they were kept in check and i was able to function and appear "normal" to everyone around me.

As far as medication goes ive had: Lithium for 10 years, coupled with tegretol (2-3 years) and anxiety releasing medication- like prozac, fludac, clonazepams and some tricyclic medicines also. Currently i WAS on: Sodium Valporate - 500 mg a day - a stabiliser for severe MDP Patients such as me, and ive had this for 15 years the dosage used to be 1000mg a day. Also not advisable for young women because of the side effects on the womb. But in my case because i am was a "RAPID CYCLER"" which means that the phases from mania- depression could be experienced within 24hours, this was a medicine given to arrest the attacks Nexito Plus - was suggested to me for also helping me thru PMS before my Hystrectomy in2012. But we continued it because it helped keep anxiety at bay. Premarin 0.625 - A HRT , HORMONE REPLACEMENT TABLET - because after my Hystrectomy in march 2012, January 2013, i was under severe depression and i was prescribed the PRemarin- 0.625 mg tablet daily to help me with the hormone imbalance which my menopausal body was facing. However i was carrying on in life and during a phase where nothing seemed to be going right.

My work was very slow, i had loans, i was depressed, irritated, bugged and over and above very very anxious , worried and full of a lot of confusion & LOADS OF FEAR.It was at a time where i was groping in the dark i called Neerjaji went and met her .... Neerjaji first "Heard MY Story"- and then on 4th APRIL 2013 i started my sessions of therapy with her. She VERY CLEARLY TOLD ME THAT AN MDP PATIENT CANNOT BE PUT THROUGH CLASSICAL HYPNOTHERAPY AS the mind is NOT BALANCED ENOUGH. Ok this may sound like putting another nail in my coffin- but we started with her explaining the Human MInd and its relationship to the Emotions and she guided me thru EET, Grounding Meditation, and her other techniques of deep sleep and from 20th APRIL 2013 TO DATE WHICH IS 26.JUNE 2013 I HAVE HAD NO MEDICATION FOR ANYTHING AT ALL. If you check i stared by saying i am a severe case of MDP yes, I have tried allopathy, homeopathy, soothsayer, alternative healing,everything to get some releif. It has helped. BUT this is the FIRST time i have understood why i FEEL, THINK, React the way i do, what could be the possible causes for my depression andhow to get out of it.

I am more focused and decisive, I am not so angry/ irritable,
I do a LOT MORE WORK under much higher pressures now,
I travel with minimal fear of turbulence,
I am lesser fearful, I am more practical,
I am a calmer person, I am rooted.
I have mood swings but ive undertood that "normal ""people also have them and how to deal with them better and without any medication . Its ok to feel low someday or one day and work with the techniques taught and you can not control but i would say reach a sort of balanced state.

My mind no longer finds the time to vacillate so much.this is the shift in me in two months and the biggest is the fact that i am OFF MEDICTAION and i am working, partying , going about a daily normal life and i dont feel the need for medication. THe reason i wanted to pen this was for people who are suffering from Clinical disorders who have got diagnosed this is a route you could help yourself with - because it makes you self sufficient there is no room for becoming a parasite here. Either you follow the guidance ,trust and be open to a lot of tears, sleeping, dilemma and confusion and yet end of the day you can FEEL THE EMOTIONS CLICK IN PLACE, help yourself or get thrown out by Neerjaji. Simple- her techniques and way of explaining things is very CLEAR and for a Layman its no rocket science and no magic. Its very hard work on her part as she puts in her soul to heal a person.

I wanted to reach out to people who may be in similar situations and DIS - eases like i was in, and explain that look for me this has WORKED I AM THRILLED. NO MEDICATION MEANS FREEDOM. Living a life where medicines, blood tests, doctors are what rule life is miserable.Coupled with mood swings trust me its a tough journey.But in the desert i found my oasis in the form of NEERJAJI who without actually doing "CLASSICAL HYPNOSIS"has made me experience why my mind functions in the way it does,and why my emotions jump up and down, how i can become aware and then keep my emotions at bay. Work with my fears, anxieties and worries. and overwhelm. No i will never get rid of my CORE STORIES and problems but i am learning to see things with a different and a more regimental, monitered way. I dont have to feel at a loss .. i still do feel the "BLUES" but no longer does the world seem like its gonna crash on me. I also am learning i do have choices and not just my mind but it is a much deeper part of me that is being worked on... and with each layer of ""my being"" unfolding and with each awareness and understanding i am feeling so much more empowered. The understanding and awareness is important. its just not a disease any more its me and i can chooce to simply learn to love myself and things start looking BRIGHTER!

Thankyou so much Neerjaji for accepting to work with me and so patiently, firmly and yet with so much of Affection you are showing me that a LOVE IS ALL IT TAKES TO HEAL ONESELF! Your a perfect blend of everything... ! Thankyou honestly!

Regards... Juhee

From: Rajgopalan

With my personal interest I hv been researching on hypnosis by self -reading and interactions with " Insitute of Mind control, Hyderabad " for the past two years.

I read several foreign authors book on hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

Believe me this is the FIRST TIME I hv across materials and user friendly scripts which makes one understand the "Theory of Mind " and really confident to go ahead and practice Hypnosis for self or others.

You are really a gem of a teacher- so practical, so friendly and so full of energy and enthusiasm !

I thought I must write this to you straight out from my heart and congratulate you and the entire team of California Hypnosis Institute of India for such a brilliant coverage in Level -1 of Hypnosis.

Being a corporate world person with intense pressures of Global marketing responsibility, I do not think I can have the time to proceed beyond Level -I, but the knowledge you hv provided in level - 1 is more than enough to sail comfortably in the life and corpporate world. It has given me all the answers about hypnosis I hv been seeking in my own small way to understand the human mind better.

Hope to meet you some day, when we get a chance to cross paths again in life.
I will always remember you as the First person who clearly and lucidly explained the basic principles and practice of Hypnosis.

Best wishes to you and your brilliant Institute !

From: Rupayan Deb

I, Rupayan Deb an Advocate practicing in Calcutta High Court. I met with an accident few months back and after that, I was kind of disoriented and was unable to concentrate on my work. One of my colleagues told me that he also met with an accident and went to a Tantrik who told him that the accident was related to his past life. Then I went through just dial for Past Life Regression. I then got the number of Neerja madam and started taking classes from her.

In the mean time while I was taking classes from Neerja Madam I became bed ridden with severe pain in lower back. After consulting a doctor I went for a X ray, it was discovered that a part of my vertebra was broken, as such I was suggested by the doctors to take traction and bed rest and to undergo an MRI. In the mean time, as I was doing Grounding Meditation, so I for an experiment to know the truth of this kind of alternative healing technique, I avoided taking traction and the medicine prescribed by the doctors.

After 3 weeks I went for an MRI and the result was amazing and shows no broken bone in my vertebra. Though the results was otherwise not good as it shows multiple slip disk but I am, if not completely fit, but doing my work with great spirit. 

I do staunchly believe now that our minds are immensely powerful if directed in the proper way, by proper person, understanding the magnificent work of nature within our selves is equivalent to achieving god and who knows one day it might so come out that our mind is the god in itself. I cordially thank Neerja madam for all that, I think today, and the way I look at the world outside me. I was helpless and now have found the way inside myself . 

Dated 14/06/2011

From: Ravinder

We all had wanted to sincerely thank you for the way you had taken us thru the initial journey of learning hypnosis… and more importantly exploring the, hitherto, unknown of the mind with so much of ease and comfort, and not to mention, with everyone’s participation!!

I wish to personally compliment & thank you for your amazing skills of teaching, training & counselling. The 3 days of the course has been an unusual experience for me. My initial hesitation to subject myself for any demo on the 1st day to actively volunteering on the 3rd day, in itself, has been quite a realization. Thanks for your wonderful facilitation.

Looking forward to learn more from you…
Warm Regards,

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